About Us

The Difference is….We Care!

Here at  “Appliance Repair Service By Kerry” we understand and care about your situation, after all….we are family owned and operated. Our family infra-structure depends on pretty much the same appliances as yours does!  We maintain the family values in our service and practice that you would not find at a large scale repair service anywhere. It is understandable that everything breaks down after a while, sometimes sooner than expected.  This is where we come in and provide you the service and understanding that you need for the appliances upon which you have grown to depend.

We have been around a while

Canadian born and bred, Kerry completed an apprenticeship in mechanics and worked in that trade for several years when his Father-In-Law asked him to move down to California and help him out with his appliance repair business.  After learning the basics and working on all makes and models of major appliances for about 10 years, Kerry made a “quality of  life” move to north Idaho.  There he worked for Sears for about another 10 years before going back to “private practice”.  After achieving one of the highest appliance repair qualifications Sears had to offer, Kerry continues to stay current on the latest technologies in the industy by membership in the United Servicers Association, attending National and Regional training events taught by all of the major manufacturers. Let us show you the difference that 27 years of experience can make through a friendly,  family owned and operated business that cares about your situation. Sincerely — Mr. Kerry McKerracher


Our Technicians